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About Us

Teamhotel – Hotel Solutions is a private company, fully owned by the company’s staff who, on average, have 20 years of experience in the industry. Teamhotel’s activity focuses on hotel, supermarket and industrial laundry equipment.

To this end Teamhotel is equipped with a project office, offers technical and commercial services and is therefore able to perform the study, supply, installation and subsequent technical support for any equipment.

Teamhotel partners up with some of the leading brands in the industry, such as Rational, Angelo Po, Jordão Cooling Systems, Friemo, ColdKit, Zanussi, Imesa, Electrolux, among others, who provide technical and commercial support that is essential to providing a comprehensive and qualified service to our customers.

Teamhotel is therefore not only a supplier of equipments, but of integrated hotel solutions, being able to differentiate themselves in an increasingly demanding and competitive market.